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14 Pros and Cons of Reglazing a Bathtub You Should Know

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As time passes, your bathtub will surely start to lose the visual appeal it had in its early days. Then, at a point, the tub may become downright unappealing, making the whole bathroom lose aesthetics.

When this happens, one of the choices you have is to reglaze the tub. But is reglazing the best option? You decide.

In this article, we go over 14 pros and cons of reglazing a bathtub you should know. At the end of the article, you should be able to decide if reglazing is the best option for your tub and bathroom.

9 Pros of Reglazing a Bathtub

Reglazing Is an Affordable Option

bathroom with a bathtub

Reglazing a bathtub is more affordable than getting a replacement.

You might get a tub at an inexpensive rate. But the cost of removing the old tub and installing the new one will shoot the total cost up. In the end, reglazing would be the more affordable option.

On average, the total cost of replacing a bathtub is around $5000 – it can be as high as $12,000. On the other hand, the most expensive reglazing would cost you about $1200. You can even reglaze your tub for as low as $200.

Reglazing Takes Less Time

Compared to replacing the tub, reglazing takes less time. The process can be completed within 24 to 48 hours.

Reglazing is faster than replacing because it involves fewer steps. When replacing the tub, you have to remove the old tub first. Then you buy a new bathtub, create a foundation for it, and install it. You may also have to replace the other bathroom fixtures, and that will take more time.

Reglazing, on the other hand, takes fewer steps. In fact, you can complete it in one day, except if the tub has an integrated shower that you must replace.

You Can Change the Color of the Tub

If you do not like the original color of your tub, you can change the color when reglazing the tub.

Bathtubs came in various colors in the past, and some of these colors include blue, pink, gold, and avocado green. You would agree that some of these colors are atypical of contemporary bathrooms. So, if you are trying to go modern, you can change the color when reglazing.

The Bathtub Will Retain Some of Its Desirable Features

Even after losing its visual appeal, there may be some features of your bathtub you would like to retain. Thankfully, when you reglaze instead of getting a replacement, you can keep those features.

Since reglazing will primarily retouch the tub’s surface, most other features, such as depth or length, will remain the same.

Reglazing Extends the Life of Bathtubs by Many Years

master bathtub

On average, reglazing can extend the life of a bathtub by 10-15 years. With sturdier materials like cast iron, the extension can be as long as 100 years.

The Bathtub Will Look as Good as New

No matter how old your bathtub is at the time of reglazing, the reglazing process can make it look new.

Reglazing involves scrubbing the surface of the tub and filling cracks & worn-out areas. It also includes applying primer, painting, sealing, and buffing the tub. So, it is a total revamp, and when done correctly, it gives the tub a rejuvenated look.

You Can Repurpose an Old Bathtub From the Secondary Market by Reglazing It

If you find a desirable top-quality bathtub in the secondary market, you can make it beautiful by reglazing it.

Some antique bathtubs in the secondary market are still good enough for use in homes. Besides, these classes of bathtubs can bring a rare charm to your home. So, if you find one, take it home and plan to reglaze it.

When buying such bathtubs, ensure you ask questions and get a professional glazer to assess the product first.

If the bathtub has been reglazed once before, know that you may only be able to reglaze it one more time. All in all, when the professional glazer assesses the tub, they will let you know if you can reglaze it.

The upside here is that the cost of reglazing old, unique bathtubs is cheaper than the cost of getting a new tub of the same type.

You Can Reglaze Your Tub by Yourself

You may not need professional hands to do the reglazing for you as you can do it yourself. All over the internet, you will find instructional materials that can run you through the reglazing steps. Of course, if you do reglaze your bathtub yourself, you can save money on labor.

Now, if you decide to reglaze the tub by yourself, ensure you take all the necessary precautions. Wear the appropriate safety gear and make sure the bathroom or working area is well-ventilated.

Any Bathtub Can Be Reglazed as Long as It Is Not Damaged

While claw-foot bathtubs typically reap the highest benefit from reglazing, any type of tub can be reglazed. As long as the tub does not have significant damage or repair issues, you can reglaze it.

Think of significant damage as something you cannot fix at home even if you have the necessary tools.

5 Cons of Reglazing a Bathtub

Reglazing Does Not Last as Long as Replacement

While a reglazed bathtub can hold up for many years, a new tub of the same type will last longer.

Reglazing Involves the Use of Potentially Hazardous Chemicals

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Reglazing exposes one to some hazardous chemicals, and if you do not take sufficient precautions, you might be adversely affected.

When reglazing your tub by yourself, ensure you wear the correct safety equipment. Wear gloves when you have to and use the appropriate type of mask. Also, keep the room ventilated when reglazing.

If you prefer not to work with the chemicals, get a professional to do the job. Of course, a professional will have the needed skills and the appropriate safety equipment.

You May Have to Leave Your Home for up to 48 Hours

As we already said, reglazing involves the use of some harmful chemicals. The said chemicals are typically present in the air of the whole house in potentially toxic levels for 24-48 hours. And no matter how much you ventilate the bathroom, you may never get all of it out. So, the best thing to do is leave the house.

You may have to spend on makeshift accommodation while away from your home. So, ensure you incorporate this in while calculating the total cost of reglazing.

The Reglazing Process May Be Affected by Weather Conditions

Ambient humidity and temperature can affect the outcome of the reglazing process.

If the surrounding area is too cold, the coating becomes harder to apply, and the chances of incorrect surface curing are higher. Also, if the surrounding area is too humid, curing takes longer to complete.

Reglazing Is Not Ideal for Cheap Tubs

If your tub is cheap and of low quality, reglazing may not be the best option. For instance, if your bathtub costs around $300, reglazing instead of getting a replacement is not worth it. You would reglaze for about the same price as a new one, so why not just get a new one.