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How to Decorate With Accent Chairs

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Accent chairs are not like your regular chairs. They border on the line between standard chairs for sitting purposes and ornamental chairs for design purposes. They typically come in multiple shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials.

Sometimes they are referred to as occasional or side chairs.

Accent chairs on their own are meant to stand out and when placed in a room strategically, they can change the whole outlook of the room. 

They are like design elements used to spice up your interior.

Before going ahead to purchase accent chairs to decorate your home, there are a few things you should consider.


What is your reason for wanting to add an accent chair to your space? Is it for decoration only, or do you have a specific use in mind? Answering this question will help to guide you as to the kind of accent chair to get.

Will the accent chair(s) be for your living room or your bedroom? The type of design, fabric, or colors of your accent chairs will be dependent on the purpose. If you intend for them to be a primary sitting piece in the living room, you would need to go for something more comfortable in terms of cushion and material.

If the accent chair is going to be strictly for interior appeal, then comfort is not as much of a consideration.


How big do you want your chair to be? Before you purchase your accent chair, always make sure you measure the intended space for the chair.

If not, you run the risk of having no leg room because your accent chair has absorbed too much available space in the room.


The type of materials used in your accent chairs may not affect everyone.

Fabric types and construction materials should be considered by people who have kids or pets in the house. Getting chairs with fabrics and surfaces that are easy to clean is imperative. This proves true when your toddler spills any and everything on it.

If your accent chair is going to be placed in the living room or bedroom, you should also get one with strong enough upholstery that will withstand the daily activity of your kids and animals.

accent chair in the corner of the room

Decorating with Accent Chairs

There are various ways to decorate your space with accent chairs. This is highly dependent on your taste and preferences as an individual.

Here are five ways you can spice up your interior with accent chairs.

Prioritize texture over color

It can be very tempting to want to choose an accent chair of the colors we fancy. But, allow room for other creative ideas and options.

Go for plain textured chairs. You can place one or two just by the window where natural sunlight is maximum to fully accentuate the texture of the chair.

You can add a little table between two accent chairs to create a reading spot in your bedroom. You can also place your accent chairs on the patio as a relaxing spot.

Never underestimate the power of patterns

Sometimes, plain can be boring. If most of your room décor comprises simple schemes, it is definitely time to try some more complex patterns. What better way to do that than with your accent chairs?

You can place the chair as a centerpiece in the room to draw attention instantly. Patterned accent chairs are best placed alone, especially if your other furniture pieces are also patterned. You can place them in a space in the room where they are certain to draw attention.

Think Mix and Match

Your accent chairs do not have to be the same. You can choose similar yet different designs to create a stylish space in your home.

You can mix and match patterns, fabrics, textures, and colors. If your accent chairs are dining sets, experiment with mixing different designs for the chairs.

You can mix and match different sizes of a polka dot pattern if you want to play safe, or different colors of polka dot patterns if you want to be a bit more daring.

Emphasize Elegance

Think of pieces that suggest Beyoncé or Queen Elizabeth. Add elegant and classy pieces of accent chairs to more formal areas of your home.

Placing an elegant long accent chair on one side of your living room is guaranteed to take the interior design from zero to a hundred. You can choose vintage or velvet pieces as these project elegance.

Swivel accent chairs

Spice things up by adding swivel chairs to your space. Swivel chairs are primarily used in workspaces, but you can use them to spice up your interiors.

You can place them as extra seating in the bedroom or the living room. Using them as extra sitting space is a great way of conserving space in your home.

Make sure to use a more neutral color so it does not contrast with other furniture in the room.

couple moving in carrying their accent chair

Where Should I Place My Accent Chairs?

Accent chairs are used to decorate and fill up empty spaces in a room. If they are placed strategically, they can be more than just decorative pieces.

You can place your accent chairs in different areas of the house depending on the size, type, and use of the chair. Some places you can place your accent chairs include:

  1. The bookshelf area. Placing an armchair just by the bookshelf is a way of conserving space and creating a reading area at the same time.
  2. The living room. Add a lounge chair opposite the standard sofa to create an inviting space for hosting guests and having great conversations.
  3. Bay window. Place a loveseat at the bay window to create a relaxation spot for anyone who needs a place away from all the noise. Throw in a table, and this can be a space to finish all the documents you brought home from work.
  4. A tub chair in a conservative space.
  5. Scallop chairs beside a sofa.

How to Choose Accent Chair Colors

If you are one who really loves having your things color-matched, finding the right colors for your accent chairs is as important as getting the chairs in the first place. There are various ways of choosing the right colors for your chairs.

Consider the colors of your already existing furniture

If you already have a fully furnished house, then you should consider getting accent chairs with the same colors as your already existing furniture. If your interior is a beige color, you can play it safe and stick to the color scheme.

Different shades of the same color

Using different shades of the same color is a way of remaining safe and maintaining the same color tone of your space.

You can get an accent chair a different shade of blue if your room is primarily decorated with blue colors. This will help your chair stand out while staying in a safe color zone.

Choose shades of beige

Beige colors are sometimes referred to as nude colors. You can never go wrong with using beige accent chairs. They can stand out without necessarily contrasting with your original décor color.

Complementary colors and color combinations

These are colors that sync together as well as macaroni goes with cheese. They are colors on the opposite sides of the color wheel.

Complementary colors tend to blend well despite their contrast. Examples of complementary colors combinations include white and black, blush and burgundy, yellow and blue. You can get more color combinations by looking through the color wheel to see colors that match perfectly.

Throw caution to the wind

Get an accent chair with a totally different color from your home’s primary colors. It may be outside what you are used to, but it is definitely an attention grabber. So risk it.

Go big or go home right?

blue accent chair in a grey themed room

Tips for Taking Care of your Accent Chairs

Taking care of your accent chairs depends largely on the fabric and material used to make them. Here are a few tips for taking care of your accent chairs.

  1. Wiping off dirt with a dry cloth is common for all kinds of accent chairs. Take a soft dry cloth and gently brush off or wipe off the dirt from the chair. For a leather chair, you can use a slightly damp, soft cloth to effectively get rid of dirt. 
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner to clear away loose dirt and crumbs.
  3. For tough stains, use hydrogen peroxide on a towel and gently scrub off.
  4. Deep clean with a steam cleaner once a month to remove stubborn stains.
  5. Use furniture cleaner to get rid of stains. Not all cleaning products can be used on all fabric types. So you have to confirm the kind of cleaner that is compatible with your chair. You can use the cleaner’s label and an inconspicuous test spot to verify.

In Conclusion

Accent chairs are great furniture additions to your home. They stand out and add to the beauty of your home. You can place your accent chairs in the living room, bedroom, patio, study, or anywhere that may need some interest or occasional seating.

Decorating with accent chairs will depend on your taste and preference as an individual. The above article has given you insights on how to decorate your space with accent chairs. You can spice things up with colors, textures, and styles.